Easy To Operate

Easy to operate. Hoses may be placed on top of the machine. Connect the pump to an electrical outlet and it is operational.

Supporting Leg Adjustment

The strong and adjustable supporting leg makes it easy to place the pump and move it from pond to pond.

Gentle Pumping

A large suction funnel and custom-built clutches provide gentle pumping. The funnel is fitted with rubber protection to ensure the fish is unharmed during suction.

Separator Box

The fish is separated from the water by a large grill separator before weighing and sorting. The water is led back into the pond.

Constant pumping

The pump itself is a simple construction, which leads to more reliable operation and fewer repairs. The containers may be tilted to provide constant pumping and they operate without the use of electronics. This prevents operational failures caused by frost, humidity and the ingress of water into vulnerable parts. The materials used are stainless and hot galvanized for extra long life. The pump has sound absorption.